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A New Occasion to Satisfy His Taste for Agitation collected eleven items of ’evidence’ that were created by fifteen students of various departments of Sint Lucas Antwerp and the Academy of Antwerp around Vincent Ganty. The masterclass was initiated by Paul Hendrikse and took place from the 18th till the 22nd of December 2017.

Vincent Ganty was born in Cayenne, French Guiana, in 1881. He became an orphan at the age of thirteen. This forced him to leave school and he started working on a sailing boat. During the first forty years of his life he had a number of jobs. He served in the French foreign legion and was send overseas to Madagascar. He was a teacher of fencing and worked for the customs of which he became a spokesperson.

In 1922 Ganty moved to Cameroun where he had a series of odd jobs; masseur, amulet seller, magician and teacher of hypno-magnetism. In 1927 he set up the church La science Chrétienne du Cameroun, which provided a shelter for black empowerment activities. In 1930 Ganty moved to Paris and became the self-proclaimed spokesperson for the Camerounians. He provided in this living by selling subscriptions of a newspaper of which he was the editor.

After the second world war Front inter-coloniale and Comité philanthrope supérieur d’émancipation intégrale et d’initiative générale de la délégation en Europe des Camerounais  were set up and sometimes disappeared soon after their foundation. He started sending letters and petitions to the League of Nations, the precursor the United Nations. His correspondence, which was sometimes hard to follow, was never taken really seriously. But even if his role in independence was ambiguous, nowadays he is seen as one of the persons that paved the road to independence of Cameroun. Ganty died in 1957 three years before Cameroun became independent.

Individual- and groupworks were made during the workshop by Annelies Rasker, Astrid Vereycken, Ayrton Eblé, Deborah Claire, Hanna van Dun, Jade Varidel, Jan Willem Reimus, Julia Ballardt, Laksanaporn Mink Chonsamoe, Larissa Cluzet, Niels Goos, Nina Snijers, Wouter van de Koot, Yorgos Maraziotis and Zeger Van Garsse. The final presentation consisted of amulets, a massagesalon, video works, audio pieces, installations, photographs, food, a song, a performance, works on paper and the creation of a wikipedia page on Vincent Ganty.