Verloren ruimte/espace perdu

Verloren ruimte/espace perdu is a work that I made after a semi-permanent work in the exhibition space of Stuk, Leuven, Belgium.  For the opening of the space in 2001 Guy Mees, a Belgian artist, created an orange line, like a frame or a skirting board along the floor on the wall in the space. The intention was that Mees would come back a few years later to make an exhibition with young artists and that after that the work would be painted over. This show never took place, since Mees unexpectedly died in 2003. Several years later the skirting board was still there and had become a somewhat strange inheritance. I decided to make a work based upon his work. I reproduced the whole orange line, running through a big white space and a smaller black video space. The 1:1 reproduction resulted in eight long photographs of each separate wall, varying from 28 meters (for the largest walls) to 4 meters (for the smaller walls). I glued the pictures together and showed the work on a roll. The black core in the roll is the black video space. The work was presented on the cardboardbox I transported the work in. The work by Guy Mees was painted over for the exhibition.