The ideal form2028_PBK_PaulMASTER ideal form10

Photo pavilion: Kirsten Trippaers, stills: Paul Hendrikse

In the video work The Ideal Form (Abbreviate, Suspend, Envelope the Vaguest Shapes) we see a man performing a series of movements. The movement-sequence that the performer does is a translation of all sculptures that were on show during the second biannual in the Middelheim Museum in 1953. Most works of this exhibition were bought by the city and form the blue print of the collection of art of the city after the second world war. The performer does not isolate single sculptural positions, but stays in movement, therewith creating a searching, but flowing movement. The video is shown in a pavilion that is based upon the architecture used in the Middelheim Museum in the fifties.

Performer: Tian Rotteveel, Coaching: Martin Nachbar, Camera: Dieter Deswarte & Paul Hendrikse, Editing: Janina Herhoffer

16:9, 5:44 min, sound.