Between 2005 and 2013 I followed a person named Latif Yahia on the internet. Every year on a fixed day I downloaded all imagery that I could find of him. Yahia used to be the body-double of the late son of Saddam Hussein, Udai. Yahia underwent a training and plastic surgery to look exactly like him. He would appear at moments that Udai was abroad or when it would be too dangerous for him to appear in public.entities during the last 18 years, most of these are mediated, in different contexts he was body-double, asylum seeker, private-detective, media-figure, author and recently actor. From the pictures that I collected I selected five images that represent one of his different “identities“. I looked in secondhand shops for clothes that would resemble the clothes on the image. These clothes were photographically reproduced on a 1:1 scale and printed in black and white (and then glued together in their original shape). In the audiowork that accompanies the installation we hear a man describing several situations in which Yahia is recorded on videocamera or photographed.