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Moby Dick

In the end of the sixties John Bonham, the drummer of Led Zeppelin composed a song that consisted for the biggest part of a drumsolo. This drumsolo became known under different names, but is commonly referred to as Moby Dick. The song emerged after Jimmy Page would find Bonham improvising in the studio. They recorded parts of these sessions and put them together and constructed a song out of it. In the song guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones join John Bonham at the very beginning and the very end of the tune, leaving the remainder open for the drum solo alone. When played live, Bonham’s solo would last in between six to twenty minutes, while the rest of the band would leave the stage after having played the introduction. The song achieved an iconic status because of it’s complexity. As a contribution to the exhibition Temporary City in Berlin I asked drummer/composer Rudi Fischerlehner to learn the drumsolo of Moby Dick in a week and to perform it on the opening night of the exhibition till the moment he failed. The learning-process was recorded on audio and was my contribution to the exhibition.

Score: Rudi Fischerlehner, Photo performance: Anouk Kruithof