Looking While Listening Paul Hendrikse3 Paul Hendrikse Looking While Listening. Paul Hendrikse, Looking While Listening

Looking While Listening (Title, Address, Dedication)

Paul Hendrikse concentrates in his installational work Looking While Listening (Title, Address, Dedication) on listening and on exploring what listening as an activity entails. If it is true that no real human relationship exists without the radical and mutual openness of listening, why has the theme of listening been either ignored in western culture or at best only touched on incidentally? How is it that we prefer the visual and linguistic as model or referent over the acoustic? What does it mean for a person to be immersed in listening, to be formed by or in listening, or to listen with his or her whole being?

Hendrikse worked with a group of eight actors, performers and artists to develop performative material with them centering on listening. The work was based upon the painting A Lecture, by Theo Van Rysselberghe in which we see a group of friends, all part of the Belgian artistic scene, listen and anticipate on a lecture being performed by writer Emile Verhaeren. There are two elements to the work: a sound recording about listening as an activity and a video work. The video was shot on the top floor of the ‘Book Tower’ at the University in Ghent, designed by the architect Henry Van de Velde.

Camera: Paul Hendrikse, Editing: Janina Herhoffer, Performers: Reem Aharoni, Shila Anaraki, Wanda Eyckerman, Linda Lugtenborg, Katrien Oosterlinck, Roel Swanenberg, Sid Van Oerle, Mathieu Wijdeven, Training performers: David Weber-Krebs and Paul Hendrikse, Light: Jojanne Hopmans, Audio recording: Rudi Fischerlehner, Voice: Paul McDevitt, Clothes: Dorothee Hagemann, Make up: Cindi Van Looveren. An art commission for ING Belgium Art Management for the exhibition To the Point, The Neo-Impressionist Portrait, ING Cultural Centre Brussels.

16:9, 10:48 min., mute, audio 7:11 mins.