The Tape Recorded Surprise Paul Hendrikse1 The Tape Recorded Surprise Paul Hendrikse2 05. The tape recorded surprise Interview with I.J.

One of the core works of Hauntology of Smoke and Ochre is the two-channel video projection The tape recorded surprise; Interview with I.J.  In the video work, that  seems to have the form of a documentary, two actresses are presented to us. One of them, Nicola Hanekom, recently played the author Jonker in a play. The other, Grethe Fox, an older actress, knew Jonker when she was young, and always wanted to play her. Hendrikse worked with both for a week and carried out various interviews with them, concerning the role and acting. Subsequently he swapped the positions and let them respectively pretend to have not or not yet played Jonker. Both actresses had to work together on the role and attempt to close their respective gaps on both sides, each coaching the other on how to depict her falsified relationship to the iconic poet.

Actresses: Nicola Hanekom and Grethe Fox, Coaching: Carolien Hermans, Camera: Paul Hendrikse, Editing: Janina Herhoffer

4:3, double projection, 7:10 min, mute and 11:36 min, sound.