Title Dialogues

When I started working as a visual artist I always found it complicated to find the right titles for the works that I had made. What name would fit an object that is subjective in it’s very nature and that at times is hard or nearly impossible to define by words? I started collecting titles of films, performances, books, works of art, exhibitions and songs that were appealing to me. After some years I had collected a long list with titles, and I decided to take it one step further and make a work with them. I started having dialogues with titles with other artists and title monologues with myself. Participants were asked to respond to a title that I send to them by email by adding a new title to it. This process continued until we both deemed the text finished. This publication contains two title dialogues, four monologues and my index with all the titles that I collected till now packed together in a transparent envelope.

The publication was supported by ZSenne art laboratory in Brussels, Belgium and printed in an edition of 50 copies.

Available for 8,00 EUR. Order your copy by sending me an email.