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The Particular Unity of Same and Other

The starting point for the artist book was a series of existing photographic images that Hendrikse collected. These images depict moments of otherness, strangeness or of masquerading. Some of the images show how cultures bleed into and influence each other creating new forms. These images were redrawn by the artist using carbon paper.

The publication also contains a text by the German sociologist and philosopher Georg Simmel (1858 -1918) titled ”The Stranger”. It is one of the first texts (1908) that describes the specific qualities of strangers in general. The text was especially translated for this publication in Bahasa Indonesia and is intersected with notes and thoughts by Paul Hendrikse and Helly Minarti. The typeface was developed for the book by Katja Gretzinger.

Edited by Paul Hendrikse, Drawings Paul Hendrikse, Text Georg Simmel, Helly Minarti and Paul Hendikse, Graphic design Katja Gretzinger, published by Motto Books in an edition of 800 copies. The publication was generously supported by Mondriaan fonds

Available for 12 EUR at Motto Books and many art bookshops throughout Europe. You can also order your copy by emailing me.