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Photos: Kristof Vrancken overviews, Paul Hendrikse still

The Twelfth Man

‘The twelfth man’ is a term for the football fans in a stadium during a match. Often their support for their team is such that it looks as if it is playing with a twelfth man. Because of the nature of his behaviour, his presence can profoundly affect the football players and their performance. The twelfth man is an interesting phenomenon because it overturns the classic roles of passive spectator and active player. By observing the behaviour of the supporters of KV Mechelen, Hendrikse arrived at an inventory of the sounds, mottos, gestures and physical movements used by the twelfth man to reinforce his ‘performance’. Together with musician/composer Rudi Fischerlehner he turned it into musical scores which were performed on video by three supporters.

Performers: Klaas Van Hoeck, Else Jansen, Guy Kestens, Coaching: David Weber-Krebs, Score: Rudi Fisherlehner and Paul Hendrikse, Camera: Paul Hendrikse, Audio: Bert Matheussen, Light: Jorgen Hopmans & Joost Bevernage, Editing: Janina Herhoffer. Produced by Contour, Mechelen, Belgium. This work was generously supported by: Mondriaan fonds, Stichting Stokroos

16:9, 9:48 min, sound.