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The Particular Unity of Same and Other

“So that, as rational metaphysics teaches that man becomes all things by understanding them, this imaginative metaphysics shows that man becomes all things by not understanding them; and perhaps the latter proposition is truer that the former, for when man understands he extends his mind and takes in the things, but when he does not understand he makes the things out of himself and becomes them by transforming himself into them.” Giambattista Vico, The New Science, 1725

The performance ´The Particular Unity of Same and Other´ was developed during a residency at Cemeti Art House in Jogjakarta. During the three month residency, Paul Hendrikse researched how encounters with ”others” by trade, war and during periods of colonization gave specific input upon the Indonesian culture and, more specifically, on the body. He studied how dance and martial arts use these foreign influences. By mimicking and adopting animal behavior and movements of ´strangers´ the Indonesians annexed these movements and turned them into defending strategies, creating a creole body-culture.

Performers: Citra Pratiwi and Rendra Bagus Pamungkas. Audio: Yennu Ariendra. This work was generously supported by: Mondriaan fonds